Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photography of Life

Passing through an amazing moment, I wish I could capture them to relive them when I feel low. That’s what photographs does sometimes to us, the older the better…  I am not a good photographer, coz that’s a talent that not every body owns, but the one’s who have it, are the ones who can capture moments of not only their lives but others too. How lucky…!!!!!
Birth and Birthdays, Lunches and dinners, marriages and anniversarys, fortunates and less fortunates; animals and beaches, laughter and romance…. Its photographs that becomes a mirror to your life… A picture of you smiling at the camera is a postcard gift from the present you to the future you and it says. “ You were having a good time”.
The first dish you prepared, the first time you met your soulmate, the first child, the first birthday…. It’s a the deepest emotions that come out through the lenses.. Lenses know it all…
Everyday may not be good, but there is surely good in everyday… hunt for that good, be it through the lenses or your thoughts. You will surely find a reason to smile and that’s what means clicking everyday in your life…

Click Click, smile please !!!
**smiles… I have got my moment**

PS: **Blog Inspiration came while watching a photo video by Afghen’s photography**

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  1. i loved this.. super amazing... i cant write as good as you though.. but i can surely click better ;) SAY CHEEZE...


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